About us

Welcome to Dekko Interiors Accessories!

And congratulations on your new apartment at the stunning London City Island residential development.

Dekko Interiors Ltd is very proud to have its input into the unique London City Island project by supplying open-plan kitchens to your apartments at Java House, Kent House, Globe House, Grantham House and Hercules House, combining fresh and modern kitchen design with this homely feel that every home should have.

Now, at the Dekko Interiors Accessories store we are delighted to offer you some more accessories and furniture that you may want for your apartment to add your own personal touch to it.

Products that we offer at our store are bespoke and designed exclusively for London City Island apartments at Java House, Kent House, Globe House, Grantham House and Hercules House. This guarantees that these new additions to your apartment will match its’ current materials, colours and will fit it perfectly. They will look like they were always meant to be there.

You may like an idea of covering some of open kitchen shelves with silent sliding door or change colour of glass elements to whatever colour that works best for you. You may also make most of your kitchen functionality by adding pull-out shelving and drawer accessories. We think you will love our drawer units that are designed to suit your wardrobes. We also want to introduce kitchen accessories and organisers that will make most of your kitchen’s storage capacity.

Our prices of the bespoke systems include our installation service. As a supplier of your entire kitchen, we believe to be the best team to install some more additions to it.

Enjoy your shopping! Enjoy our products!